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Freehold - No Exit or Deferred Fees

Summerfield Braidwood has no exit fees or deferred management fees, all the single level homes will have a freehold Torrens Title and the apartments will have a freehold Strata Title. All owners will have a share in the ownership of the community facilities and be managed through a community owners corporation.

Charges and Costs

Residents will contribute to the overall costs of maintaining and operating the community facilities. (Please ask for a copy of the draft budget and levy schedule). In addition normal household costs including rates and home maintenance will be the responsibility of each individual owner.

How is Summerfield Managed?

All common property will be managed through the community association under a community management statement which sets out the rules and responsibilities. The apartments will also be managed within a strata scheme which will have its own bylaws and fit within the overall community management statement.

The community subdivision will be administered by a licensed community/strata management company. Resident representatives and executive committees will be established to interface and liaise with the community and the manager to ensure the efficient and smooth running of Summerfield.

When the time comes, how can I resell my home and who will set the price?

It is your home under freehold title so you or your agent can determine the list price and sell the property at any time. There are no exit fees or deferred management fees.



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